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Emerica Europe in Athens

The first day we headed down south to Faliro, Glyfada and Voula. Some really good tricks
went down but unfortunately Miki(the tall dude) twisted his ankle trying sw tre the gap at the old airport

Oscar warming up with a noseblunt

Eniz - no comply

Thanos - bs 180 up

Thanos - kickflip

Thanos was killing it

Eniz warming up

Eniz 'fought'  this monster and won*********************************************************************************************************************
Next day we headed up North. First spot was the pyramid at the Olympic Stadium

Nikos Moloxtos - Bs ollie-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Next we skated the 'skatepark' at Vrilisia

Thanos - Pivot to fakie

Thanos -  fs 180 sw nosegrind in other words fs pupeki*****************************************************************************************************************
Saturday morning we skated the 'dead man's bowl' and then headed to SUBLIME in Kifisia for some signings and photos with the Emericans

Then we went street skating from SUBLIME to HROON square for a demo.

George Kondilis was there to skate and celebrate his birthday

The locals

Nikos Moloxtos - bs flip

Eniz shut down this spot
Sunday we skated Metsovio-Filosofiki and the 11 stairs rail at Mathimtiko

Sami and Oscar from Emerica

Oscar - footplant

Henry was filming non stop

Miki was hurt  and didn't skate for 3 days. This 11 stair rail was the 1st spot he skated after his recovery. After that we went on some street skating downtown Athens************************************************************************************************
Last day we went back on the 7 stair rail at Voula because Sami wanted to 'shut down' the spot and he did.


Next we headed to Pireas at the high ledge where Leo Romero fs board back in the days

Thanos all fired up

Time to leave...

Last spot was the quarter pipe at SUBLIME store in Glyfada. Beers and tricks went down. Oscar - fs hurricane

Eniz - Bs lip
Stay tuned for the video with all the spots and all the tricks really soon.***************************************************************************************************************
Photos by John Mpoukras and Tom Galanis