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Χαλκίδα Sessions

It's Friday night and i'm having a conversation with me roomate about where are goin to skate on Saturday. Suddently an idea crossed my mind so i picked up the phone and called me friends.

Me: - Are you in for Xalkida tomorrow?
Dicky: - Let's go
Thanos: - Fuck Yeah i'm in
Jemis: - In
Stef: Yeah i'm in
Madilas: - Let's go so i can shoot something new

It's Saturday 2 o'clock and we already at the skatepark of Xalkida for some warmup. After a couple of hours at the skatepark we headed for some spots that noone had tauched for a long time. With the help of locals-Nikos and Koua we found the spot easily.

1st spot was the doubleset with the kinky rail on the side that only Giovani Skiathitis had touched with a boardslide almost 10 years ago.

Thanos - FS Board the rail 3rd try-for fun

Thanos- Nollie Bs the double set-2nd try

2nd spot was the school with the 11stairs hubba that Orestis Karagiwrgis kickfliped and had the cover of Goodtime magazine a long time ago.

Jemis Kwstantinos - Kickflip (the fear of that ledge at the landing unfocused his mind and didn't make this-respect for trying it so many times)

Stefanos Prwtopapas - Droping In

Thanos Panou - Ollie Over

Koua - Noseslide

It was getting late and there were no lights at the spot so we went back to the skatepark to finish our session with some chill skating and chill in general...

Before we took the road back home  we all agreed on 1 thing - next week we will be back again hit some more spots