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FULL ON - Skate Contest photos

Little kids, girls, hammers, old men, young guns older guns, all were there at the  'Our park' skate plaza for the Full on skate contest.Here are some photos to take a glimpse of what went down last Saturday at the vodafon cu skate plaza.


Young gun - boneless 180


Girls were having it...

Girls showing some skills!!!

Alex Ropis - Noseslide

Bs lip

Kostantinos Tzemis - FS FLIP over!

Notis with a stylish bs smith grind at the hubba

John Gecko flying over the hubba!

The pros were there too

Winners: 1st place - Giorgio Zavos!!! - 2nd place Notis Aggelis!! - 3rd place Thodoris Xalaris!

Best trick award went to Flokas Thanassis with a big flip fs board on the handrail....Congrats to all the people that showed up and skated their feet off showing that the GReek skateboarding scene is here and rising at a high rate!!!

and finally the live after.