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Element - Make It Count - Athens (update)

The first Element - Make It Count contest for Greece, took place yesterday Aplil 9th at the new skatepark of Argiroupoli. Although the skatepark has been built wrong(cause neither the major of Argiropoli nor the architect refused to take any advise from the skaters on how it should be built) the Greek skaters manage to give quite a great perfomance.
The contest took place in 2 spots. The 1st spot was the pyramid and the 2nd was the stairs-rail-bank.Each skater had to skate both spots in order to win.
In 1st category (13 under) the 'young gun' Emanouil(middle) took 1st place and amazed everyone with his talent on the skateboard. 2nd came Dionysis Skamnakis and 3rd the local Giannis Papadopoulos.

In the 14-16 category Spyros Tsarouxas(on the right) took the 1st place with his skills on the rail. Emanouil Dexouniotis came 2nd(middle) and Leonidas Papadhmitriou 3rd(left)

In the last category (17+sponsored) Mr Thanos Panou amazed everyone with his skills on every obstacle. He took the 1st place and he is going to represent Greece in the Element - Make It Count finals that are going to take place in Madrid-Spain next month. 2nd came Mr Panos Loupis droping some bombs down the bank and 3rd place went to the youngster from Thessaloniki, Notis Aggelis who decided to compete in the (17+) category although he is only16 showing to everyone the true spirit of skateboarding.

Here a liitle edit from Mr R.S.P. to give you a taste of the event
And here is the official video

ELEMENT M.I.C. 2011 GREECE from kostas mandilas on Vimeo.
Filmed and edited by Kostas Mandilas

If only we could have a skatepark desined by skateboarders for skateboarders...
Something tells me that this wish may came true in the near future