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make it count european finals

Each country's winner found themselves in madrid's hotel puerta castilla for the finals of Element's make it count. Friday night, me and Thano arrived at madrid's airport where alex was waiting for us. He took us to the hotel and from there straight to the skatepark to check it out, and then we cruised the streets of madrid to check out the city..
Saturday was the day of the contest and a bus was waiting for us outside the hotel for a small city tour, not to show us the sights but the town's skate spots. Arriving at the skate park, you could feel the good vibes. All contestants pulled off amazing tricks while the whole time it didnt feel like a contest but a gathering of skaters which love to roll! Unfortunately it started to rain 1 minute before the contest ended which was a bit disappointing.. hotel/food/awards and then back to the streets of madrid. Ill show you in a few days what went down when we skated the streets..                                                        

Guido Stazi Bs 3

  Thanos Panou stall to fakie

                                     Thanos Panou Gap to overkrooks

Thaynan Costa riding back with a Boardslide this rail..

Nyjah Huston was so impressed with that hardflip backlip that he took 200 US Dollars out of his own pocket and announced Thaynan as winner of the best trick of the day.

 Joan Galceran Montoro Fs Blunt fakie 

Stive Vignis blunts 

Element’s team riders Mark Appleyard, Nyjah Huston, Levi Brown, Nick Garcia, Evan Smith, Madars Apse, Phil Zwijsen and Alex Amor were hitting the rails amongst the contestants and many local skaters at the Tetuan Skateplaza. 

Artjom Prozorov from  Estonia is the winner and he will be going to the global Make it Count Finals at Sequoia Lake in California in June!!!