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wild in the parks finals-copenhagen

Volcom Stone celebrated the European Wild In The Parks Championships at that outstanding outdoor skatepark in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark.What is fun about this contest is that it gathers plenty of people who qualified in their local WITP (Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, France, England, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland), not only the usual suspects you’ll find in every big summer comp, but also the local heroes and the up-and-coming shredders that you’ll see soon everywhere.Highlight of the contest was THANOS PANOU taking second place and making us PROUDDD!!!

Here is the official video of the contest where at the 1:41 mark ,some serious ΣΦΥΡΙΑ by thanos are included!!!

Results :

14 and under :
1- Bruno Senra, Portugal (700€ + trip to Texas)
2- Gard Hvaara, Norway (400€)
3- Jacob Stein, Sweden (250€)
4- Ville Wester, Denmark
5- Johan Benda, Denmark

15 and over :
1- Viktor Palomäki, Finland (700€ + trip to Texas)
2- Thanos Panou, Greece (400€)
3- Karim Rhihla, Sweden (250€)
4- Roman Baier, Austria
5- Sergio Sanchez, Spain

Open :
1- Jaakko Ojanen, Finland (1100€ + trip to Texas)
2- Hermann Stene, Norway (700€ + trip to Texas)
3- Victor Pelegrin, France (500€)
4- Axel Cruysberghs, Belgium
5- Fries Tailleu, Belgium

ELECTRIC Hype of the day:
James Hewitt 100€ and Jonas Skrøder (100€)