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VOLCOMsnow IP2\Seth&Cody

Twelve months after Seth Huot celebrated his monumental 10th year as a full part player in the video realm, this Volcom #IP2 episode proves that Seth didn't sit back and take a well-earned break from the grind. Far from it, actually. Shooting in spots like Jackson Hole and the Upper Peninsula to all snow covered points in between Seth spun, stomped, redirected, gapped, and pointed it like a boss. Tricks like his 50-50 ledge to fence to frontside 180 are both literally and figuratively off the chain. Cody Biersdorf, on the other hand, is a newcomer to the game but he comes off the bench with an Individually Produced Part that is rife with highlight reel fodder. Solid street heat including his tailpress through a kink to back 180 and back 180 to switch nosepress to half Cab out betray his rookie status.