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3rd Parkoluna @ Vasilitsa 1850 snowpark

On Saturday 31st March and Sunday 1st April, Microxtreme in cooperation with Vasilitsa National Ski Resort, are organizing the 3rd PARK’o’LUNA snowboard fest. The event will be held in Vasilitsa 1850 snowboard park next to the chalet. 

3rd ParkoLuna Teaser from Manic Side on Vimeo.


Riders will compete in three categories (lines)


-Box Line 3 obstacles: Flat down box, A Frame, Up flat down box


-Kicker line (2 kickers) 


-Wallride - hip line (2 Wallrides 1 Hip 1 Box) 


Side events :




The public will be free to test ride the following year’s (12-13) sample models from FORUM and NITRO snowboards and try on TSG’s new helmets. Special Guests FORUM (Austria)team riders  Steve Grumser, Max Glatzl



Live on stage:Lord 13 ,Mikros Kleftis



Awards and after party with DJ’s sets in Chalet 1850

more info click. Bus from Athens to Vasilitsa (Friday) Contact: 6938878163 Anastasis