lakouvardos 17-7-12

| 18 Jul 2012

For those who managed to skip work or  get out of family obligations  last Monday  and drove south got rewarded big time.   With the north west wind  blowing hard, it created  waves all over  the southern peloponise coastline... Vertical off the lip by Kostas Miamis . Dinos choosing the high line on a wedgy left... Xronis came all the way from he committed or what???? Dimitris Aronis has been enjoying Lakouvardos for over a decade..... Petros Martinos defending the local status  with this bottom turn... Sharing is caring..... Bisis representing the Patra crew with a frontside snap! Lakouvardos beach is known for it's shallow bottom and power.... Dinos air dropping..... Till next time......stay wet!!!All photos by Andreas Tsamtsouris