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#STAYATHOME -Roberto D’Amico

#StayAtHome παρέα με τον Robert De'Amico και τα όμορφα μεσογειακά κύματα καθώς η πρόληψη είναι το μόνο όπλο που μας έχει απομείνει !

Roby: As you know the situation in Italy is tough and the news has a way of presenting things in its own way without allowing you to know how the situation truly is at the moment.
We are under lockdown in our homes for at least the next 20 days.
This is a message for all of you abroad… BE CAREFUL! Don’t shake hands, avoid crowded places, as prevention is the only key to escape what we are forced to live at this moment.
This is a global problem, we as a nation made a giant error at the start of the epidemic, which became a pandemic.
Do not make the same mistake, nature will thank us for a stop.

I’m using all the best session I’ve had this winter in my beautiful country ITALY.
Hope you enjoy the video and my message.
Please spread as much as you can.