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Les Deux Alpes...

It's been 2 months since the end of the season and i still havent managed to get snow out of my mind, ive constantly been thinking about 2alpes and whether ill be going this year or not. Ive been going there for the last 5 summers along with many fellow greek shredders who understand how hard it its not to think about deux alpes when the summer heat hits athens.Perfect park, friends from all over the world, skate, mountain bike, you can do pretty much anything there is to do as long as ur there.Walks to the end of the world, chilling at the pool, cooking at home. As for this summer....ive heard alot of people talk about going to the french alpes and i hope this collection of shots makes more people want to jump on that plane to france for their summer holidays. 


Dimitris Maniaths Gap fs board.

Christian Manousaridis bs disaster.

Konastantinos Vasiliadis Tail Grab To Fakie.

               Stelios Danourdis Bs Air.

              Alex Grymanis Back Tail

Dicky was there with some stylish tricks.

Snow-jim at the skatepark after pulling off some sick tricks at the mountain.

                Silent Progression has also left their mark there all these years..